Erasing the Lines on Wildfire in Reno, NV: The 2017 WUI Conference

Dear Peppermill Resort and Casino: Thank you for hosting the 15th annual Wildland Urban Interface Conference recently in Reno Nevada. Your confusing hallways, over-abundance of mirrors, psychedelic carpeting, lack of windows, low ceilings, and stifling warm air were all appreciated and no doubt helped me seek refuge at the Blackjack table. However, you did allow … [Read more…]

Initial Attack Incident Commander: Day 2

On day two, my assumptions about the incident we familiarized ourselves with and practiced in the sand table were reaffirmed. We’d been mocking up a fire in Washington, in the Methow valley, near Woods Canyon Road. We were commanding plastic toy trucks, small plastic airplanes and helicopters, making decisions concerning firefighter and public safety, leaders … [Read more…]

Initial Attack Incident Commander: Day 1

I’ve watched Apollo 13 and took notes on duty,respect and integrity; read Ted Putnam’s The Collpapse of Decision Making and Organizational Structure On Storm King Mountain and driven 300 miles, checked into a dirtbag motel, cleaned up the carsickness milk puke my son vomited everywhere in the car last nite and arrived at S200 Initial … [Read more…]

On The Road: Yarnell

I’m sitting in Foxworth Galbraith Home Design Center’s parking lot, just across the street from 501 6th St. in Presott, Arizona. As I listen to reverse horns on a truck from a nearby lumber yard, and all the 3 pm traffic filling up my head, I can’t help but feel somewhat intimidated.  Just the noise … [Read more…]