Simon Sinek’s Leaders Eat Last

Coincidentally I read this book in 30 page chunks, after work, after 45 minutes of running, and then after dinner. (There is no parallel between the title and me eating dinner.) Simon Sinek was first introduced to me via Youtube. I was in a momentary phase of watching motivational videos and I think it was … [Read more…]

A Fire History of Contemporary America

  Stephen Pyne’s Between Two Fires: A Fire History of Contemporary America was given to me by the people at Wildland Fire Leadership Development Program. I annoyed them with emails and Facebook messages about various things, visited their Facebook page on a daily basis, and in return, have formed a couple friendships via cyberspace. I’ve tried … [Read more…]

Forest Fire Resiliency and School Shootings

The Umpqua Forestry Coalition is a “broad-based, community group that advocates for forest management activities on public lands in Douglas County, Oregon” (taken from their website  Last night they (the UFC) hosted a public forum pertaining to a project which has been in the works over the last few years called the Calf/Copeland Restoration … [Read more…]