IC5 Trainee: Some Take Aways

We were hiking back to the trucks after bucking out a trail. It was one of those projects we’ve found ourselves being employed primarily by this summer, due to an abundant lack of lightning. But the radio came on. Dispatch wanted squad Bravo (our squad) and squad Charlie to respond to a new fire start. … [Read more…]

Lost or Found: Get Your Bearings

Our job as wildland firefighters takes us to cool places.  Nearly every book I’ve read that was written by a previous firefighter, whether a badass smokejumper or a hotshot superintendent, refers back to this basic sentiment. Usually it’s expressed like this: “We get to see a lot of places most people don’t have the privilege to.” … [Read more…]

S-219: Firing Operations

S-219: Firing Operations “Once fire is out of the can, its hard to put it back in” Piles are covered, roads are cleared, campgrounds have been thinned, have been chipped, have been filled and vacated multiple times. It’s almost fall, it’s September already. Our Indices are high and the IFPL level went up. The chainsaw … [Read more…]